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Monday, April 7, 2014


Welcome to Sleepy Grove
Sleepy Grove is a quiet little place in the back woods of West Tennessee.  It's a small place that inspires many things such as the love for growing plants, animals, art, photography,   and making beautiful things from hand. 
A little bit about me:
I have always had a nack for drawing and taking care of animals every since I was a little girl.
All through school my main focus was Agriculture and Art, I also graduated College with a BSA in Agriculture.   As I entered the working world I let my love of art fade away and concentrated on my job and animals. Then about 5 years ago I discovered Orchids and how rewarding it is to grow them.   However, recently I have rekindled my passion for drawing and I have also added a few new things such as painting in watercolor and Photography!!!
In this blog I will  be posting about my adventures with orchids and animals, and also my journey with watercolor, crafting  and photography.